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Which comes first: Data Quality or Business Intelligence?

Your practice only has finite IT resources. Those resources need to be used in the way that will deliver the most business impact. So, when it comes to business intelligence improvements, which should you tackle first: your business intelligence reporting or the quality of the data underlying it? We consider the options.

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During the last three years, we’ve all been grappling with unprecedented uncertainty and change. In times like these, old ways of planning and decision
The key question: what insights do you need to ensure the successful and profitable operation of your practice? Only this answer can shape what business
Legal practice management software from Actionstep has a new add on (turn on) available called ActionBI Freemium, it can enable decision makers with live
Are we all paperless now? Digital transformation and practice management software have long been talked about as a way to eliminate inefficient paper-based processes.
Zero Trust seems to be the latest in the long line of IT buzzwords. But what does it mean? Is it something Law Firms