6 reasons you should extend Actionstep with Business Intelligence

During the last three years, we’ve all been grappling with unprecedented uncertainty and change. In times like these, old ways of planning and decision making are less helpful. The need for up-to-date information to make sense of the rapidly changing environment only grows in importance.

That’s why the accurate, real-time and visual reporting that Cloudify Inform offers to Actionstep users is more valuable than ever. In this blog, we’ll consider what makes this tool so useful for Actionstep users.

#1. Spot the trends with easy interpretation

Reports and tables are all very well, but for visual thinkers they aren’t always easy to quickly understand. Even for experienced data analysts, the flexibility and graphical presentation of Cloudify Inform makes life easier. Data is presented in a visual dashboard that clearly identifies the key metrics. And you can drill down into the information in greater detail in the way that suits you.

#2. You know you’re making decisions on high quality data

One of the standard reports in the free, entry-level version of Cloudify Inform is the Data Quality report. This report has been designed to identify data entry issues in Actionstep and the configurations used in Cloudify Inform.

This means that you can spot data quality issues and address them quickly – before they start skewing your analysis. This tool isn’t only good for improving your reporting though. By identifying and fixing data quality issues early, you also avoid creating problems with client communications or making compliance more difficult later thanks to multiple, mismatching records.

If you are serious about being a data-driven organisation, ensuring data quality is fundamental. So this report in Cloudify Inform is a real winner.

#3. Vital financial information for business leaders not just the accounts team 

Cloudify Inform offers a free version with the following dashboards:

  • Firm Dashboard – displaying the main metrics across your selected financial year (tell us which financial year your firm uses and we customise the report accordingly).
  • Team Billing – breaking the fees billed and performance against KPIs down by team.
  • Individual Billing – breaking the fees billed and performance against KPIs down by Fee Earner.
  • Team Activity – breaking the matters worked, hours worked and effective rate down by Team.
  • Individual Activity – breaking the matters worked, hours worked and effective rate down by Timekeeper.

With this wide variety of clear and visual dashboards available to you without cost, you can see exactly why you should be using Cloudify Inform.

#4. Streamline your financial reporting

If your accounts team or senior decision makers find themselves exporting data from your practice management system in order to get the insights they need, then you should switch to using Cloudify Inform with your Actionstep system.

That’s because there is no need to combine reports in excel to create an overall view. You can manipulate the data and create the graphs and summaries you need. This eliminates issues around data security and validity. Everyone is looking at the same data and the data used is accurate and up to date. And that leads to more accurate and better decision making.

#5. Preconfigured reports available as standard

The free version of Cloudify Inform offers the following preconfigured reports:

  • Analyse by Service (a collection of matter types)
  • Drilldown to individual matters and invoices
  • Full breakdown of all Cloudify Inform metrics
  • Data Quality report to identify data entry issues in Actionstep and configurations used in Cloudify Inform

The wide range of these reports aids vital decision making for financial, marketing and compliance planning. Furthermore, the report data is updated daily. This means the end-of-month position is constantly updated throughout the month to incorporate back-dated transactions so you can plan with greater certainty and agility.

#6. Even more dashboards and reports available to you when you upgrade

As well as the free version of Cloudify Inform, you have the option to extend the tools available to you by upgrading to a paid subscription model. This gives you access to a number of additional features and dashboards. 

Additional dashboards include:

  • Work in Progress (WIP)
  • Invoicing
  • Payments
  • Marketing
  • New Actions

Furthermore, the Cloudify Inform Standard package includes extra reporting functionality. 

This includes:

  • A separate individual report to be given to users who need to have access restricted to their own data only.
  • Data updated daily with reports on prior months and a live view of current month performance.
  • Ability to switch between Financial Years and Calendar Years on the fly
  • Bespoke colour scheme

If you’re an existing Actionstep user, you can start using the free version of Cloudify Inform today. This way, you can start benefitting from real-time information to aid your planning and decision making immediately. And it frees you to take your time to decide whether you’d like access to the additional reporting and dashboards.

What next?

If you are an existing Actionstep user and you’d like to talk through how your practice might benefit from enhanced reporting capability, please reach out to the Cloudify team today. You can reach us here or by emailing: info@cloudify.legal 

If you aren’t already using Actionstep, we can help you with that too. 

Why not give us a call on: 01865 521 039