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Our combined expertise and knowledge spanning business, change management, technology, compliance and law firms makes us qualified to help your firm transition to Actionstep, the leading Practise Management Software used by ambitious law firms around the globe.

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About Actionstep

Empowering legal professionals for over 15 years.

As the first true cloud-based practice management system in the world, Actionstep’s mission is to free lawyers from the constraints of old desktop technology and the office to build truly efficient and modern practices and allow you to work anywhere. 


Words from Actionstep's Founder...

“If I had to describe our fantastic team here at Actionstep, I would say: a passion for innovating, the courage to break new ground, and a fundamental belief in delivering unquestionable value to our clients.”

Ted Jordan

The Actionstep story

Actionstep was founded by Ted Jordan. Ted moved to New Zealand after spending 15-years running software companies in the United States. Ted was responsible for the design and development of software applications for a wide variety of businesses; everything from Fortune 500 or US Federal Government clients, through to small businesses.

The main difference he saw between these was their ‘workflow’, or what processes they followed to get work done. Traditionally a specific workflow was built into the software – giving rise to the era of what Ted describes as ‘two-million dollar, two-year custom software solutions’. But what if the businesses’ workflow changed? They were stuck with the same old software processes. Ted’s idea was to remove the workflow from the software and allow clients to modify it to their needs without having to write any code. Giving rise to Actionstep.

Starting out as a solution for any business, this workflow flexibility has been embraced by businesses with a strong focus on compliance and process. Law soon became our strongest sector and today, Actionstep is a solution specifically for law firms and other legal services providers.


You have probably endured the pain of changing legacy practice management systems in the past. Moving to the true-cloud is simpler than you think. Cloudify Legal are masters at minimising the change process impact and with great prep and project management the change over can be quite seamless and the benefits are enormous.