Convert & Grow


So your firm wants to move to Actionstep. Great choice!

Cloudify Convert and Grow will transition your firm from existing systems and
processes to Actionstep. Most importantly we will work with you to ensure you
extract the most value from your Actionstep, gaining efficiency and profitability.


Who are we?

Cloudify Legal is an Actionstep Gold Consulting Partner with over 120
implementations worldwide. Our team has vast business and technology expertise
from careers in law firms and other industry sectors. Very simply we love to help
Law Firms thrive and grow.


What is Convert & Grow?

Convert and Grow is designed to help small law firms embrace leading cloud
technology from Actionstep.


We will:

● migrate your firm, people and data to Actionstep over a weekend supporting
you every step of the way. You nominate the weekend and we will ensure
your users login to Actionstep on the Monday. Naturally, all training would
have happened prior.

● Support your firm and users to build an Insight-Powered law firm using our
knowledge and customised Business Reporting solution.

● for 3 hrs per month we will work with you to ensure your firm and people are
fully supported and maximising your return on investment.


Who is Convert & Grow for?

Cloudify Convert and Grow is designed for small law firms who have outgrown
their current systems and need powerful workflow, automation, MI or Business
Intelligence to further grow their business profitably.


How much is Convert & Grow?

Cloudify Convert and Grow is £30 per user per month.

● Minimum is £150 per firm per month (equivalent to 5 users)

● Minimum term is 36 months


What is included in the Convert and Grow service?

● Setup and configure Actionstep (users, accounting, banks, etc.)

● Import Contacts (up to 3000 contacts)

● Import Matters (up to 3000)

● Implement Cloudify Legal Standard Matter types with workflow etc.

● Import brand document templates (up to 100)

● Orientation Training (up to 8 hours)

● Cloudify Inform – an extensive management reporting suite for law firms

● Cloudify Grow – up to 3 hrs per month retained support or consulting time.

We have extensive technology and business experience and can help guide
and advise on technology, cyber security, sales and marketing, prospecting,
3rd party integrations.

The time can also be used for any Actionstep training
or additional support as required.

Cloudify Legal’s goal is to help the small law firm extract as much value from Actionstep and associated cloud based technology. Think of us as your retained Actionstep, business and technical consultants always available to guide you and your team.


What is NOT included in our fixed fee Cloudify Convert and Grow service?

● Data exports from systems that don’t provide an export facility

● Data cleansing
If required, we can help cleanse data after a scoping exercise.

What are the next steps?

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