Cloudify Tune-up


So your firm is running Actionstep. Nice work! 

Could your firm or users benefit from a free tune-up?

Cloudify Legal is an Actionstep Gold consulting partner.  We have delivered over 120 implementations worldwide. We have vast business and technology expertise from careers in law firms and other sectors. Most importantly, we love working with clients who seek to maximise their profits and client service.

What is Cloudify Tune-up?

Actionstep is an immensely powerful Practice Management System (PMS). Post implementation a law firm has an amazing platform to build a 21st century law firm upon. There are many customisations that can improve efficiencies and ultimately deliver greater profitability.

Could your firm make better use of Actionstep?  Tune-up is a free service that could help you answer this question. We take a holistic look at how Actionstep is being used and identify any areas for potential improvement that will materially improve your top and bottom-line performance.

Using our Actionstep, business and technology experience, we will invest up to 5 free consulting hours to analyse your Actionstep and produce a written report on our findings with key recommendations on how your firm could benefit.

What you do after the Tune-up is over to you. No strings attached. Naturally, we would love to help implement any change that your firm decides to implement should you require help.  


Who is Cloudify Tune-up for?

Any Actionstep firm that feels they could get more (ROI) from their Actionstep solution. The Tune-up scope can be as broad or specific as you like. We suggest a broad scope to analyse areas that add material value to your top and bottom line performance.


What are the Cloudify Tune-up deliverables?

A written report on our findings, your options and some recommendations.


What is required from you?

We suggest an introductory /scoping call and a login to your Actionstep. Naturally we would sign an NDA as required.

What are the next steps?