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Productivity & Profitability

Immediate productivity gains, happy productive people, and a fast ROI.


Workflow is Actionstep’s secret sauce and USP. Expect to increase your firm’s productivity, compliance & profitability.

Safe & Secure

Rest easy! Cybersecurity is at the heart of Actionstep, all for a lower total cost of ownership.

Business Intelligence

We believe every law firm deserves business intelligence.

So we provide free business intelligence. 

Actionstep was built in the cloud for lawyers and support teams.

Arguably the most comprehensive true-cloud legal practice management solution available today.  Actionstep combines CRM, Matter Management, Document Assembly & Management, Time & Billing, Client & Office Accounting, Reporting and much more. All in one integrated software platform.

With 1000’s of users world-wide, Actionstep will increase your productivity and profitability.

Cloudify Legal helps law firms step change their business from legacy to cloud.

The benefits are enormous.

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Why We Do It

Quite simply, we love to help SME law firms thrive.

On the back of helping Hedges Law Ltd  transition from an expensive legacy PMS to Actionstep during the first lockdown the results were so compelling we decided to launch Cloudify Legal to help other SME law firms make the move to the cloud.  Our team has over 80 Actionstep implementations behind us so we know how to help law firms make the transition. It is simpler than you think.

Nicola Poole, MD of Hedges Law said, I’ve witnessed painful migrations in my law career. I was very pleasantly surprised how easy moving to Actionstep was! The business results are very compelling.   

We love Actionstep and helping legal firms embrace the enormous benefits from true cloud legal technology. #LegalTech

Our goals are to:

  • deliver greater firm productivity and profitability
  • ensure lawyers and support staff love using their PMS
  • help law firms embrace a ‘cloud first’ IT strategy


Legal Practice Management Software

Actionstep is a flexible, all-in-one practice management system. It is ideal for growing mid-size law firms in the UK. With this integrated solution, you can transform your law firm’s productivity and profitability at every step.


Better Practice

Your team does important work to support people and businesses every day.

With our software, you give your team the tools they need to make work smarter and more streamlined. Your team is empowered to improve the service your firm delivers for your clients.

Actionstep combines CRM, matter management, document assembly and management, time and billing, client and office accounting, automation and reporting.

Hosted in the cloud, fully GDPR-compliant and supporting a zero trust approach to security, Actionstep is a trusted platform on which to manage all your practice operations.

Features & Functionality

Built in the cloud, with workflow at its heart, Actionstep is a complete practice management software platform that helps to support your business.

Actionstep Support

Client and matter management

Actionstep is a comprehensive client and matter management software platform. It combines CRM, matter management, document management, time and billing, client and office accounting, automation and reporting.

Actionstep’s easy-to-use workflow automation tools help you to maximise efficiency across your practice. You can create unique sets of tasks for each matter type. This enables you to efficiently automate all your processes. Collect information, assign tasks, and make sure everything is checked off before moving on to the next step.

Gain a single view of each client. All contacts can be given a unique contact record. You can then assign them to all relevant matters, so your team benefits from a comprehensive view of your entire history with each client. Improved visibility across all matters ensures a more seamless customer experience for your clients.

Customise each of your matter types with a unique workflow, folder structure, custom data fields, document templates, billing arrangements and reports. Matters can be processed and managed more efficiently. Together, improved visibility, workflows and reporting ensure that nothing gets missed.


The improved document assembly and management gained by using Actionstep enables you to free your team from the distraction of admin. They regain the space to focus on high-value activities for your clients and to grow your business.

Create document templates that can be automatically populated with client and matter data. Clever automation enables your team to save time and helps to minimise errors. Document automation also works with your emails – so you can standardise and automate correspondence too.

Flexible document management with comprehensive and compliant electronic storage that scales seamlessly in line with your needs. Your team has the information it needs at their fingertips. A “zero trust” approach helps to ensure only those with the right authorisations can access information.

The Actionstep Plugin integrates with your on-premises Microsoft Office tools, or Microsoft 365 (via the Actionstep office plugin) and Google Workspace in the cloud. This means that whichever you’re using, you can open, edit, save and store documents directly into Actionstep. Alternatively, opt to save to your preferred document management solution.

Actionstep Plugin
Actionstep Software

Billing and Accounting

Actionstep is one of the only legal practice management systems that has full and integrated back-office and front-office functionality for your accounts and billing and fully compliant with SRA regulations. For small firms that use Xero or Quickbooks, Actionstep offers connectivity.

Actionstep’s full back-office and front-office integration means you can run your billing directly from your matters. Financial information is posted through to the general ledger. It’s easy for you to take a seamless approach to running your entire practice.

Actionstep’s accounting system has some serious power, including multi-currency and multi-divisional features. Plus, it offers flexible financial reporting, so you can plan and report efficiently and in real time.

For firms that hold client funds, Actionstep’s comprehensive client accounting features enable you to manage these funds in compliance with SRA regulations. Compliant, secure and streamlined.

eMail Integration

There’s no need to rely on your inbox to store important client data. Actionstep’s integrations with Office 365 and GMail ensures that information is stored where it is needed. Your team can manage matters and organise their inbox with ease as they work.

actionstep office plugin

If you struggle with keeping your matters up to date and rely on your inbox to store important client data, Actionstep’s Outlook add-in for Office 365, or GMail lets you manage your matters and organise your inbox as you work.

Easily link emails to individual matters. Create email templates that will pull in and save live matter data. Plus, automated workflows help to keep your clients, third parties (e.g. estate agents) and staff informed by sending emails automatically when particular steps in a matter are reached or concluded.


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